There’s practical, and there’s impractical. Between these two there are degrees of practical and impractical. Having grown up with practically minded people around me, i wouldn’t in my youth have classed myself as practical. You then learn all sorts of things and can become skilled at things, even though you aren’t necessarily a natural. I’d say that that describes me – I’ve basically learnt a fair few things and I am definitely lateral thinking about practical solutions, applying my learnings and  skills, such that they are.

When i meet a bloke that seems completely clueless in every way, practically, and he’s over 40,  I just wonder how he’s got to that age at all?

Its apparent to me that as well as never cleaning a floor, Boris has never hung washing on a washing line, used a drill, or put a dishwasher on either. The man has SIX children! It’s now obvious why his wife has willingly let him get a job hundreds of miles away from Hungary. She OBVIOUSLY does every single thing in their household, and he gets in the way – so she’s better off when he is not there. If he’d just thrown the washing at the line and hoped for the best, I think it would have been better than how he actually did it, and that was with me trying to explain how to do it.

My last Male carer in Portugal wasn’t exactly ‘spanner literate’ but seriously… compared to Boris he was nearly Isembard Kingdom Brunel…

I really should video this stuff, but I don’t think you’d actually believe it. You’d think it was all staged, for comedy effect.

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