It was a Cracker !

And the ballet was really incredible actually.
Much to my surprise (!!) I loved it.
As did Racy Tracey…

The secret is definitely to read about ( and remember ) the story before you go. Well otherwise you’d have to be a genius to work out what’s going on just from people dancing about in very thin shoes with square ends.

It was The Nutcracker… and the company was Russian. Well they don’t do stuff By halves those Ruskies ( well other than wage successful wars these days )

If I hadn’t read the synopsis on Wiki then I’d have been at a loss as to why it was even anything to do with nuts at all.

Blown away, I was.

I’d been once before, pre injury, with Her .. ( you know the one – She who casts no shadow ) and fallen asleep, I was so disengaged.. but now I know why ! – no idea what was going on at all ! I knew it was called Swan Lake but that was as far as I got.

Ahh, I must be getting slightly wiser ?

🩰 🩰
( those are apparently Ballet pumps ?! )

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