It goes on and on.

Who cleans a bathroom floor barefoot with filthy feet ? With every step you make the wet floor more dirty than it was to start with. When you try to leave the bathroom you then leave dirty footprints wherever you go next…
I watch Boris do things in almost morbid fascination, just wondering what chaos he is about to create.
The bathroom floor situation was prompted by me wondering what he was doing in my bathroom for 20 Minutes with the door shut.
Hé said ‘ I’m sure you’ll find something that isn’t right ‘ I unrealistically hoped that actually there would be zero to have issue with, as he’d been in there for so long.
To go in and find that actually nothing at all was clean or disinfected in any way at all was a mystifying thing. It became more explainable once I’d seen that he had used 1 piece of tissue paper and some mirror cleaner to ‘ clean a bathroom’

I said to get a proper cleaning cloth, and that might help. He went off for several minutes and came back with a tea towel from the kitchen. I asked if he planned to clean the toilet with the tea towel. What Boris does when he knows he’s been ‘ foolish ‘ ( retarded ) is to completely ignore my response and just look blank/ slightly irritated. I pointed out the VERY LARGE pack of ‘ hard surface hospital disinfectant wipes ‘ just above the loo, and ventured that he might use one of those? I said to be sure to do the basin first and thé loo second if using the same large wipe, as it would transfer lots of germs.
I watched him clean around the toilet rim and then go to wipe the basin with the same wipe. Bewildered, i said ‘ stop please, I just explained about the hygiene..’
More silence from Boris.

It was then that he started on the floor with his bare black feet, and despite my asking him not to, walked over the new pale carpet leaving black footprints.

He’s either just completely deaf and exceptionally thick or he is doing everything deliberately? I fear that it’s the first option, as thé second would take some conscious thinking.

6 thoughts on “It goes on and on.

  1. I always remember when my Mum worked at Pascall’s the Sweet factory in Mitcham. I s remember asking her what qualifications you have to have to work there and she said “As long as you have a pulse then the jobs yours”. This still makes me laugh to this day, Has Boris a pulse? Love to you Margaret x x x

  2. My guess is it’s deliberate. Doesn’t want the job. Too damp lazy to work. Gets his marching orders from you and straight to benefits office.

  3. :):):):)the fun with your B never stops:):):)
    In terms of cleaning, what can I say? I know someone who was I think the best when it came to cleaning:)

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