I’m losing weight at high speed. Initially that was fine, but after not even 2 weeks I’m in danger of it going too far the other way and just being really thin !

Already I’m eating far more than I was for the first 11 days, but it’s still falling off me. Another 2 KGs in the last 24 hours, and probably 10 KGs at least overall.

I’ve proven that weight loss is easy, you just have to exercise more than you were, and eat less than you were, at the same time.


I’m going to have to reduce the arm crank or triple my calorie intake then.
Hmmm. I look at the ‘ distance cranked in an hour’ and yesterday on the third of my 3 separate hour long cranks I beat my best ever distance, so I haven’t lost power ( or its been compensated for by improved fitness ).

Maybe I should just eat loads of chocolate every day?

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