Good to be back.

After 2 good weeks at sea, it’s back to usual. I’m at the mercy of the British Railway services.
No staff, no one to answer the Help button, no Guard that gets off the train to help me, staff that are sometimes so unfit slow moving, and so bereft of any sense of ‘ customer service’ that I am left feeling both helpless and alone.

This wasn’t supposed to be how I am.

I’m In a bloody great electric wheelchair so I can’t even take my chances on the roads via Triride.

And I’m spasming for all I’m worth.

I did go back on antispasmodic medication in the hope that they’d work out for me this time. The effects? Possibly less spasming ( good ✅) SIGNIFICANT deterioration of my mental processing and memory ( 🤷❌❌❌❌❌)

I simply HAD to come off them. It’s one thing being a spasming Spaz, it’s another being a bewildered Spaz.

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