Good grief.

Unaccustomed as I am to pretty much anything going well, I am fairly gobsmacked when the iBot charger that I found in America, bought, paid to be shipped, and eventually got through customs, is actually charging both batteries in my iBot as I type. 

Since my Carer a year ago broke the charging unit plug and started the demise of my iBot, it’s been a series of false starts and unbroken dawns. But now, suddenly there is real hope I think. Lester my self schooled Tech’y help  installed the new cells that I bought in America, about 6 months ago, but they just wouldn’t charge up. Was it the batteries, or the iBot wiring, or the charger at fault, or 2 ( or 3 ) out of those 3? 

Well tonight it looks like I’ll have a fully charged iBot, that may just work tomorrow ( or the day after) when I hopefully try it, having found someone to help me. 

I’m guardedly optimistic to be honest. It’s been charging away for about 4 hours which is amazingly promising. 

Blimey, fingers crossed. 

The day after my girlfriend asked ‘ so what colour did your hair used to be then…..?’ things are looking up. 

2 thoughts on “Good grief.

  1. Wow! That’s fantastic! Your iBot is a brilliant machine (if a bit heavy to push home from the pub at midnight with a flat tyre). I hope it works and enables you to have a hoot of a Christmas. 😀

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