From my brother.

Russ, I remember this day as if it was yesterday, not 5 years ago.
The call from Danielle, my call to Mum and Dad, desperately trying to find the first flight to Nice, calling Stu to time our arrival.
When I got to the hospital, within 24 hours of your accident, it was literally like being in a nightmare dream. A couple of your cycling friends were there, with Danielle, everyone crying.
You were unconscious and in terrible condition. The doctor gave you a 50% chance of survival, with most likely brain damage as well as paralysis.
The emotional shock was stunning.
Your recovery was nothing short of a miracle. Despite the paralysis and the horrible consequences, somehow you regained your mental capacity and ability to carry on.
While you may forever swing between happiness and sadness, and while you may never be able accept the awful hand you’ve been dealt, you should know that your brothers, your parents and your extended family love you very much and are grateful you are still with us.
Stay strong bro, you deserve and will have a brighter future, I am sure of it.
Love Alwyn

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