From my big Bruvver :)

Today was fantastic! As usual, you exceeded everyone’s expectations (including your own).
To see your transformation from wheelchair to sit-ski was something of a miracle. It’s the first time since your accident I have seen signs of “the old Russ” emerge. You were literally grinning from cheek to cheek (as was I) as you rapidly and confidently made your way down the slope; what a blast!
Skiing has been such a huge part of our family’s life, it’s wonderful to see it will continue for all of us. Riding up the chair lift with you today, at times I actually forgot about the calamity you’ve suffered and instead, all I could think about was how great it was to be on the mountain with my brother.
You said in the car on the way back, today was the first time you felt any level of independence and a sense of real happiness since the accident. It’s wonderful to hear you talk positively about the future and for the first time, things you can do versus no longer do.
I know your medical team back at SM advised you it was at least 6 months too early for you to go skiing; well guess what, you are 6 months ahead of everyone else!
You can and will ski with Lily and Amber again, as well as all your mates, just you wait and see.
Thanks for making this the best family Christmas ever, I can’t wait to ski with you again tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “From my big Bruvver :)

  1. Well done,Russ! I owe you a bottle of wine for sure. Delighted to have lost that bet. 😀
    You are going to have SUCH an amazing holiday now, aren’t you?
    ‘Come on, Alwyn, let’s go skiing…’ ‘Come on Alwyn, let’s go skiing…’ Going to be like a kid again.
    Enjoy it – with bells on.

  2. Whoop whoop! You did it you fab boy you!!!!! I knew you would, but like everyone else am totally impressed at how quickly you did it…….not surprising really as it’s you! My heart’s leaping around with total excitement for you! Good on you!!! Bagsey we go with you again next year!!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas too. Chalet looks AMAZING! Love to you all.
    Very proud friend CW xxxx

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