Feb 4th

And I’m getting the vaccine!
Tomorrow, at the Stoop. That’s the Harlequins rugby club in normal times.
That’s good. Actually I just filled in a form ( having not had a letter yet ) online, and bingo! I’m in.
Both my mum and Dad in Wales have had theirs – important given they live in the most COVID deadly part of Wales – more people have died in their locality than have in whole countries … 🤦‍♂️

As it’s both their birthdays this week it’s been a good ‘gift’ – the vaccine, I’d say.

And I got my Triride back from Italy yesterday – oh wow it’s good. I went out for a spin and it’s actually better than ever. It’s had lots of parts replaced, and the software updated so that it’s more economical on the battery, meaning I can ride in Eco mode and go further. That’s great, because quite often I wonder whether I’ll have enough charge to get home from places…. and now I’ve a few more miles in the tank.
So thank you Triride Italia, and Nathan that has dealt with it, and also to Colin Flounders, who did loads to help me with it. Tbh I can’t thank these guys enough – both of them are in wheelchairs themselves, yet manage to do stuff that ‘ ought’ to be impossible for them.

Right, arm cranking time again!

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