Fast forward..

All happening today.
Lovely long sleep.
Woken by physio at 9.10! Never slept that late without drinking heavily…
Hosp ‘gym’. Did sitting on edge of bed routine, then…
Tube out of nose and Trachy out altogether.
Freedom from life support tubes at last!
Lets hope they left them in long enough and I don’t just peg it whilst writing this.
I’ve got a plaster over the throat hole which I have to put my finger over to cough, but that should self  sew up.

Seen the charming lady from Stoke Mandeville.
First thing she said? ‘The cafe’s no longer called Jimmy’s ‘ ! Apparently he would rock up on Friday nights in shell suit and copious gold jewellery and jangle ( and cigar puff ) his way down the corridors.
Ow’s about that then?

Anyhow, pervs aside, I’ll look forward to going there within probably a month to begin/ enhance my rehab proper.

Stoke M’s not far from London which’ll make it easier to get back and forth to Chiswick, and to see visitors, if I’m lucky enough to get some.
There are a lot of patients there so I’m sure to make friends.

I’ve had info leaflets about ‘dealing with life when paralysed’ essentially.
It would seem that most people just get on with it. Depression is no more prevalent than in the normal population.
For me, I’ve not felt down much at all. I would have thought, pre accident , that suicide would be my first thought, but not at all. The challenge of it all has a curious draw to it. How far will I go? What will I do that I didn’t before? In what way will we modify our house? What car will I drive? How soon will I get an arm powered bicycle ? There’s a lot to be positive and excited about, in an unexpected way.

I’ll miss skiing, cos I’d got to a level where I could just about ski everything well, so watch out for some great skis on eBay ( that’ll break my heart to see them go..)

On that note, I’m just gonna have a little sob 😉


Note from Jenni:

Oh Russ,
Every day your blogs gets better and better. What great news today, I am quite overjoyed. Your recovery seems to be gaining momentum! Have you had a good day with your bros? Bet you have.
Love and big, big hugs
Jenni x

3 thoughts on “Fast forward..

  1. Russ.

    Following you all the way on this blog an astounded by your efforts mate.

    Only sorry to have missed your birthday. Am in Greece and, well, it’s broken. A good meal is hard to find, let alone electricity and the inter-web!

    Sounds like you have had a blast and made fantastic progress. Just waiting for the stream of important folk to stop visiting before I pop by to wish you well.

    Best wishes and a very belated happy birthday.

    Robbie (the cable guy) Fisher.

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