Family time :)

Today was a good day. I got to be with family at Easter.

Admittedly not my own relations, but the next best thing – with Ashley and one of her boys. We went by Tube to the South Bank and the Tate Modern, seeing the latest array of largely nonsensical piles of  stuff, with pretentious titles and descriptions… most of it seeming to have some tenuous link with erotica … tho not if you are remotely sexually normal.

My favourite installation was the thing in the picture – called ‘ wheelchair steering mechanism with clock and bag, with balanced plastic cup‘  ( Artist unnamed )

It demonstrates the fragility of life by the possibility that the plastic cup could at any point fall off, once the wheelchair starts going along… and then end up being run over by the wheelchair wheels, themselves symbolic of a previous misadventure…..

Makes you think, right……?

Aka I just made up that just now, like all the rest of the bollocks on display.

But we did have a laugh, so job done ✅

Thanks to Ashley and Otis for taking me out!



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