As I feared, strange back to the usual Torture of spasms and jerking at night.

Compared to being paralysed, no sleep is insignificant – I’d live for a sleepless 1000 years just to have this injury reversed –  but no sleep as well as paralysis isn’t helpful at all.

3 thoughts on “F***

  1. Ask Allah to grant you sabr and shifa. I would ask for you…. but the one in distress is more likely to recieve an answer. Ask Allah, alone, with certainty of a reply…. may Allah guide you. Ameen

  2. You are a strong individual just for writing about your troubles and sharing them with others, granted I would have never found you if it weren’t for sailingserenity. Still I like to believe things tend to happen for a reason and my morning was off to a rough start as well. I tend to lose thought of how greatful I should be for he things that I do have and how there are many out there combating bigger struggles than mine. I can’t bring your legs back I can’t take away the pains you go through but I can tell you that what you have written and are surviving is not for nothing. I cannot get lost in taking things for granted and must carry on with life no matter the circumstances. I Hope that you can find rest soon, please stay strong. ?

  3. Very sorry to hear of your troubles, sending caring thoughts and lots of love your way ???
    PS SailingSerinity asked me to read your blog xxx

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