Dylan T

Thank you to Lizzy for inviting me to the National Theatre to see their production of Under Milk Wood, ‘ starring’ Michael Sheen.
It was really. really something else.

The completely Welsh’ness of it means it’s a special experience for anyone that grew up / lives there. The Welsh are definitely a unique race, with a version of English that is really special. Dylan Thomas immortalised that flavour in this play, and for me the whole experience was very nostalgic – having not lived in Wales for more than 30 years.

I don’t know what the English make of this play, but evidently enough to stage it in their National theatre!
The cast was almost exclusively over 65, which in itself has to be very rare, but was lovely. ‘ Old ‘ people get written off far too quickly, and this highlighted why that’s certainly the wrong thing to do.

Thanks Lizzy ! Xx

4 thoughts on “Dylan T

  1. My friend Maggie ( now retired from the Clapham store) saw this and adored every minute of it. Apparently Michael Sheen was brilliant.

  2. Oh you lucky duck!
    I heard this is a very good production, and of course I have a crush on Michael Sheen, so that helps.
    Strange that it was all Oldies in the audience. Don’t young people know how good Dylan Thomas is?

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