So I still live.

No thanks to my Carer, I’d say though.

Today we had to go and collect my ibot from Chiswick. Dan had been storing it whilst my main man Lester was repairing the plug and changing the ( almost useless ) batteries, both mahussive jobs.

I explained our task to Boris, in crisp and audible English, with full eye contact throughout.

What I said –

We’re going to Chiswick to collect my ibot wheelchair. It’s about 2 miles, and it’s about half a  mile further than our trip to the storage unit yesterday. In fact the storage unit is almost en route, we just keep going after it. Please stay behind me all the way, following my Triride. The traffic will be slow. Don’t overtake me! You will lose me.  If you really have to pass me then pull to one side of the road and wait for me, then catch me up again. We’re not actually picking anything up from the  storage unit.

What Boris heard :

‘Meet you at the storage unit’


Jesus, 20 Minutes after he’d sped past me and several phone calls later, I eventually found him near the storage place.

I said why are you here?

He said ‘ you specifically mentioned the storage unit, so here I am ‘

I said that I hadn’t said that and only that it was on the way to where we were going…

He said ( and wait for it ) …

’ vell it vood have been easy – you simply had to make me a sketch of ve route’

Of course … silly me, right …?


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