As it never rains, but it  absolutely fucking pisses it down ( in my life ) the latest Great News as I am about to return to the UK, is that something has moved / broken / come apart in my back ( as in my metalwork ).
It actually happened about 36 hours ago, and I suddenly felt even more( not )straight than I just had felt.
My Carer had a look and declared that I had a large hard lump / ridge in my back, 2 inches to the right of my lower spine, which had not been there before.
I emailed and left a voicemail for my surgeon straight away, but as it was 10pm I obviously had no direct contact.
After a fairly short sleep that night, in the morning the lump had gone down.
After a few hours in the chair it reappeared, then again went after a night lying down.
As I write it’s back again .. so almost immediately I get back I am going into hospital again, for X-rays. I imagine that something has come apart, so can therefore move around… and I’ll need yet another operation to fix it?

Ahhh the joys of my stuff – never a dull moment.

If they don’t keep me in, in hospital, I’m going to see the Foo Fighters that same night, in the Queen Elizabeth stadium, in East London.

This shit isn’t going to stop me, let’s face it!

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  1. I honestly don’t know what to say Russ .. it seems so unfair .. I really hope you have some easier weeks ahead as I think you most certainly deserve a break !! Big big hugs 🤗

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