December 17th 2019.

The price I pay for getting out there as much as possible, is seeing the odds stacked against abnormality. To go from being admired perhaps to being shunned is ever so hard an adjustment to make.
The more you try, the more often the adversity you see. Disabled Hate Crime they call it now. It’s more a fear in people of something they don’t understand, and then their odd reaction to it – always an adverse reaction, or possibly a positive reaction borne from initial revulsion followed by overcompensation. … who knows? I’m now at the receiving end of it every day, every time I leave my flat. I try to ignore it, but it seeps into my skin.

And perhaps I just can’t take any more? Or can’t be arsed to take any more?

Thank you to the Good People though. There are a small percentage of humans who are, usually that way because they’ve been touched by tragedy themselves perhaps, through their relatives or friends’ misfortune.

I always used to like Christmas, but now I just don’t fancy this one much.


One thought on “December 17th 2019.

  1. You absolutely do not need to accept it, understand it or explain it. Next time just record it. The whole thing start to finish. Then do that every single time. Then track the statistics and post the videos. People that discriminate deserve to be publically exposed. You would be amazed how fast accountability turns when the truth is captured and revealed. Then call for a driver. Enough is enough.

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