Day 4.

Thé sun has come out today, which is welcome. 

Ashley helped me to oil and get working the Mountain Trike wheelchair which is self propelled through pump action. Since my extra fixation it’s more difficult to use, as my body is pushed back by my metalwork so much, but I can tell that my aerobic fitness is awful compared to the last time I was able to use it. It takes me back to being in Stoke Mandeville hospital and trying to propel my wheelchair for the first times, having lost all my muscle and being in a coma. The shock of being so physically weak was a nightmare scenario for me, having always been so strong.

From now on then I’ll use it every day. The improvements should come fast, and i want to be less reliant on sleeping tablets to sleep. Being more physically tired will make a big difference in that need to sleep. Sleeping tablets are addictive, and I’m sure that I’m addicted to mine, having taken them every night for 18 months.

Lets see what happens.

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