And another 2 hour sleep night.
Spasming swaps seamlessly from one leg to the other.
I get one leg into some weird position and it stops jerking. Immediately the other takes over, spasming with the ferocity of the first.
It’s psychologically a head f***.
I dont havé any solutions for this any more. I have never had this extreme version of spasms. It’s far worse than anything before.
I don’t think I’ve a UTI because when I get those I certainly know it mentally. My personality alters to a worse version of myself.

Now I’m just bloody tired, have no appetite and dread going to bed. I have revisited going to sleep with my head on pillows on a table and that works if the spasms have stopped. If they haven’t I just get thrown around my chair and it’s not possible to sleep.
I tried it today. Gina helped me ( got me ) out of bed at 5AM and I tried sleeping head to table.
Spasms so strong I had no chance of sleeping.
She spends more and more nights here.
She’s a marvel and I’m so glad I have her.

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