Pia and I went to see The Streets in Brixton Academy on Wednesday. Blimey they were good ( but they knew it …🎶 ) and the place was totally rammed.

Brixton has a few music venues, so it made it tricky that there was no working lift in Brixton tube station for about a year. It reopened in September, and its service as normal now. The point is that my wheelchair life does hinge around stuff like this working. When it breaks down or shuts, then my workable options are significantly buggered, in a way that they aren’t if you have legs that work fine.

Loads of London isn’t very accessible by tube, so it’s a case of me getting as close as I can and then using road, pavement or buses, which obviously by wheelchair isn’t necessarily straightforward either.

I don’t let these obstacles put me off though and just allow myself more time for stuff, and that works ok. Yes I do sometimes arrive at stuff late and can’t get in …. sometimes just a few minutes late. If it’s a theatre then basically that’s it – they won’t let me in until the interval.

Rules is rules… and I’m not complaining. I’ve learned that my smile and Welsh charm just isn’t enough….. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s the sad reality!

Tonight Wendy and I, as well as Roy the Boy and Churchy Day are going to see The Kaiser Chiefs ( in Brixton again ).

Should be a corker!

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