An e-mail to my ‘ care’ agency.


As someone who has spent time in a care-based role I felt that it is important to give you some important feedback regarding one of your Carers (Arunis) that I witnessed in action when I was visiting my boyfriend, Russell Dawkins, from 11th to 12th July.

Unfortunately, Arunis showed a complete lack of competence and empathy as well as an inability to perform the basic necessities required in a role as a Carer and I have outlined my observations for you below.

When we were all leaving the apartment on the evening of 11th July, Arunis was asked if he had made sure all the doors were locked and he confirmed that they had been.  When I went to check, Russ’ bedroom door leading to the outside had been left unlocked.  Also, Arunis was about to leave the apartment with no key (having previously had to get Russ to let him in because he’d gone out without a key).  This was not only irresponsible and dangerous, but also showed an inability to learn from previous mistakes.

During my entire visit Arunis was not proactive in helping Russ to settle into his apartment – having recently moved in there is lots to do.  There was also a lack of helping to clean and maintain basic hygiene in the apartment.  Russ had to ask Arunis to take the overflowing bin out and Arunis then argued that he couldn’t because he had checked and there were no bin bags.  Russ then had to get the bin bags out himself and show Arunis where to go to take the bin out as he was incapable of following basic instructions and finding the way himself.

On the morning of the 12th, I was trying to teach Arunis how to make baked oats so that he could prepare Russ a nutritious breakfast in the future.  He was totally disinterested and said porridge is easier and quicker and proceeded to make himself porridge.  When I explained that Russ can’t have gluten or dairy, Arunis challenged this and said that he didn’t believe it.  Dismissing a patient’s requirements and wishes is not acceptable from someone who is a Carer.  That same morning Russ asked Arunis to make him his Marmite drink and Arunis brought two cups of boiling liquid.  When I said that it was too hot and that Russ would end up with severe burns if he spilt it Arunis proceeded to argue that it was fine as the kettle had boiled 10 minutes ago.  This argumentative behaviour was a problem that I witnessed throughout my stay. Unfortunately, Arunis repeated this and brought Russ his Marmite drink which was too hot again that evening.

Arunis’ attitude was, in my opinion, unacceptable from someone who is caring for a vulnerable person and at some points bordered on causing possible harm (providing boiling drinks to someone with limited mobility in bed is dangerous).

I feel that it is imperative to bring these points to your attention so that you can review your procedures and ensure that the staff you provide are adequately screened and trained so that they can provide at the very least a safe and acceptable level of care.

Thank you for taking the time to read this feedback and I look forward to receiving your response.

Best wishes,




2 thoughts on “An e-mail to my ‘ care’ agency.

  1. I hate to say it having dealt with Carers when my Husband was ill but they will send you a nice letter to say that they have spoken to him and they are awfully sorry and that he will be sent for re training etc etc. In other words they will do F**K all. I can’t believe i have said that word as i am usually quite refined. They did say when I read my Husband’s notes that I was Tone Aggressive Who Me? Love to you as always Margaret x x

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