An anonymous message.

I still message my son once a week and wish him a great weekend. I always ask him if he is up to anything and only recently after 4 years has he started to tell me what he’s up to. I know from experience with able bodied friends that have been in this situation that they all lose contact and the kids can’t be bothered. It’s more that the mother makes them feel like they are doing something wrong and being disloyal. That’s why you don’t hear from them. I now give him £20 a week into his bank so at 14 he’s probably the richest kid in the area. But I’m not there for him at the moment but I do think that at some point in the not too distant he will have a spat with his mother and call. Then I will be off to collect him. As time goes on children develop and realise that what they are told is not necessarily the truth. It brings my own hurt to light when I read this on your blog on Father’s Day. Have a drink like I will Russ and continue to be who you are. No one can understand the mental pain that a spinal injury can bring to someone that had it all and lost it in a second.

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