Well the Lightning Seeds were brilliant. Once again I went in the iBot, this time with Wendy and feeling a bit protected by that. But the curse of London transport hits me every bloody time!

This time the tube destination was changed as a passenger had been ill. Everyone else on the train moaned about having to change tubes. I didn’t moan, I just thought’ oh fuck, I could be stuffed here ‘.
Everyone walking can just hop over to another platform and change trains. I can only do that at wheelchair Accessibility stations, of which there are very few.

So an hour journey once again became a 2 hour, involving 2 more buses and a totally different route. I had conflict with a bus driver who refused to move the bus until I was in exactly the position he wanted my chair. No amount of explanation on my part that no, I can’t just park this like you can park a buggy, made any difference. An off duty policeman on the bus had to get involved to a pretty large extent before the bus would move. A little understanding and humanity would definitely help me. My battery slowly trickled away but we made it back eventually. If i didn’t know the city routes fairly well, or didn’t have a mobile phone with power and data, I’d be buggered.

None of it was at all funny. Well… other than when the off duty cop interjected politely, and Wendy told him in a very firm tone ‘ EXCUSE ME! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS’ I think that’s possibly the first time she’s talked to anyone that firmly. Amusing then that it was the police officer, who said firmly back ‘ well as a police officer I’m making it my business…’

I didn’t laugh at the time, but I am laughing now!

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