Act now.

Just now I wrote this to my neighbours and the estate freeholders, where I live. I can’t justify inconsiderate behaviour anymore, from anyone.

Facebook was my medium of choice for my words.

Dear Brentford Lock West Residents and freeholders,

I write to put forward my view on necessary adjustments to policy and behaviour.
It is currently forbidden to hang washing outside on terraces or balconies. This is an aesthetic measure, designed to ‘ make our estate more pleasant to the eye’. Whilst I agree that aesthetics are a consideration, I believe, indeed know, that changes to what is acceptable and actually now responsible behaviour and policy cannot be delayed.
The ban on using sunlight and wind power for external drying of laundry is against all that is environmentally now obligatory for each and every one of us. We all know that the biggest single user of power in the household is the tumble dryer. Whilst it’s use is arguably justified in the wet and cold months of the year, it is not in the warmer seasons. We can all reduce our individual climate change contribution by drying laundry outside.
I propose that everyone who can, does, making attempts to limit the ‘aesthetic downside’ by hanging washing low down, hidden by balconies and railings where possible. Washing dries at night too, when it is warm, and no one will see your hung washing when it is dark.
I know that this is a measure that cannot be delayed, to work alongside recycling and sensible thermostat adjustment. No one should have their thermostat set higher than 19 degrees centigrade ( this being the recognised acceptable internal temperature ) If people are not warm enough then more clothes are necessary. I myself am paralysed in a wheelchair, with temperature regulation that is broken, yet I already observe the 19 degrees rule.
Of course we would all rather that established rules are still feasible with aesthetics and washing lines etc etc but the aesthetics of large areas of London being underwater ( and Brentford is on a floodplain) through rising tide levels will make seeing your neighbours pants flapping in the wind seem rather insignificant. We all grew up with washing lines being the norm, and none of us were too damaged by the experience.

Please can we have an agreement that lifelong climate change reducing behaviour is absolutely essential, rather than just a politically correct short term measure. It’s really now not negotiable, is it….?

7 thoughts on “Act now.

  1. Russ, what is happening about your petition? As you know I am willing to drop everything, get my Buss Pass out and head over to your place. I am also willing to tie my knickers (clean ones) before you ask to the railings of your balcony. Also my friend Rose, who is a soldier in the Salvation Army would also be willing come with me. I don’t think she would go as far as I would and tie her knickers to the balcony as I don’t think she would be allowed to as she has signed the pledge. Luv Marge x x x The 235 from Feltham goes right past where you live….

    1. What if I used my origami skills to fold Rose a new G string out of a couple of sheets of The Warcry ? Would she tie her crusty old pair to a rifle bayonet and March for my cause, do you think Margie?

      1. No Russy, I don’t think Rose would. She is very religious and often goes off in a trance on a Sunday morning and throws her arms up in the air when they mention God. I often have to duck in case she knocks me out. I daren’t swear in front of her because if I do she goes home and prays for me for weeks. Going out with her isn’t much fun either as it is like going out with a Nun. I went to the pictures with her the other week and I had to make sure there was no swearing or sex and violence in the film that we went to. I get a free pass as Philip worked at the Cinema all his life. It was really hard work not swearing in front of her or saying as I often do “Oh God”. I don’t know what she would make of your sense f humour. Love Margie x x Rose is a soldier and wears the uniform.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Russ! Thank you for pointing this out to your residents’ association. Hopefully they will change their rules and encourage residents to use wind and solar power to dry their clothes.

  3. Oh Russ, I am afraid I have to disagree with you on this one. I have a back garden so I can hang out my large size knickers (they are getting bigger as I age) without offending everyone. I always hang my washing out if the weather is fine and I wouldn’t dream of using a tumble if I had one. I put my thermostat on at 18 and if I am really cold I cover myself up with a duvet and make myself a hot water bottle. Growing up we had no central heating so my Mum always made us a hot water bottle when it was cold. I know where Brentford Lock is and I could think of nothing worse than seeing people’s washing put out on balconies etc. in the day time or any time. It would make the place look really common. It would like me putting my knickers out to dry in my front garden. Could you imagine it. Also you would get thieves pinching one’s knickers especially if they had a fetish for them. Love to you as always, Marge x x

    1. Absolutely… there’s nothing worse than seeing someone’s pants blowing around in the wind, including the sea levels rising so far that millions die from tsunamis, with devastation to countless communities… I’d far rather be partly responsible for all those deaths than see your skid marked knickers Marge.

      1. Excuse me my knickers don’t have skid marks you “Cheeky Git”…Luv Marge…. I have just come back from Brentford and did look to see if your pants were blowing in the wind on one of the balconies by Brentford Lock.

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