My rather EXTREME exercise regime is definitely paying off.

Forgotten how much I like suffering.

Already I feel ( and I can’t ‘ feel ‘ most of me ) quite different.

Another 21 days and I may have actually disappeared.

2 thoughts on “9

  1. Russ, photos or it never happened, we the viewing public want to see the before and as it happens pics in almost real time. Influencers gotta keep interacting with their fans:-) Hey, just a thought off the top of my head maybe you could even do a series for others in a similar situation? Take care not to break those “fittings”

    1. Ha! Yes ok T man.
      I should have taken more ‘ early pictures’. I started yday taking pics from different angles that I’ll repeat every day til day 30.
      When I have a lil sequence I’ll make a video so they ‘ merge ‘! Thanks for asking!

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