And after a week of doing stuff in Portugal…

Cape St Vincent is pretty momentous. The edge of Europe: next stop due West is South Carolina in AMERICA … the rugged edge of a continent… with a suitably cool lighthouse.

Tavira is a medieval town.. cobbled streets aren’t wheelchair friendly but hey..

And Praia da Rocha to see my old buddy, Lee ( my ex looker afterer ) .. wow what a beach!! Not accessible to me but at least I could see it from above.. and it’s magnificent. Lee made me drink lots of pints of lager. Bad man. Met his mum and dad too – they’re all lovely, even though they all support Everton.

And then poor Gina has to get a bit pissed bloke in a wheelchair into a car. Not sure if that was harder or easier than doing the sober fella.

And the journey back was problem free.
Imagine that?
Got to the airport early/ onto flight without drama / landed in GB / out and onto a train ( early ) and home early. Ramps turned up, people were expecting me etc etc.

Whatever next??

It’s raining in Britain. It was 25 degrees in the Algarve.

Massive gratitude to Gina G. ❤️

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