Fresh from BreathGate, I met a different lady and went to the theatre. I’d booked ‘ Witness for the Prosecution’ Its an Aggie Christie play.
The venue is in the old County Hall courtroom, so its a real courtroom staging a play about a courtroom. That reduced the production costs im sure. ..

It’s good! Has a twist of course. Just been you think its finished BAM something happens.
In fact, after that WAM BAM something else happens.

I’d recommend, for sure.

Thankfully, post Covid, all venues seem to not skimp on the aircon, so the rooms are cold rather than warm. Well that also helps you to stay awake, and keeps your drink chilled.
So many upsides to post Covid life, who’d have predicted?!

The other day I wrote a ‘ feedback email’. I went to an outside restaurant and was asked to use the QR code to order. I did, but it didn’t work. I tried repeatedly, no success. Im no stranger to tech, for sure, but nope, it wouldn’t work. Error error error..

I was there for 25 minutes. No one came to ask / help/ take an order.
Ironically, in a wheelchair, you get LESS assistance offered, rather than more. Well thats mental. People avoid your gaze… and look the other way. Don’t stare at the cripple!
Ok, but do please come and take the poor git’s order?

I left. I hadn’t been approached at all? I mean, what did the staff think I was doing in a restaurant?

I went next door and was looked after immediately, and had some lunch and a drink ( or two ).

So I emailed the first place and was just factual and fair.

Well tonight I’m meeting Lily there, and it’s complimentary, by way of an apology.
And rightly so.
Its 2022 and a fella in a wheelchair is ignored for 25 minutes, in a ‘ nice ‘ restaurant venue?

Glad they owned the service ‘ deficiency’.

Its how it is in business – the complaining customers that you then ‘ wow’ become your most loyal customers thereafter. I know, having had businesses for 20 years.


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