Just saw my surgeon. (12 hours ago, now )

Hé Saïd that on thé right side it had all completely come undone, so was ‘ just flapping in the breeze ‘ Hence thé big( and mobile )  lump that had appeared and which I reported to my previous surgeon on June 22nd this year.

That description contrasts so much with what the former surgeon said – that it was ‘all fine, and stable, with no significant movement’


So i now have bigger screws that are tight into the holes that have worn larger, over the last 2 years. If I hadn’t had it fixed it would have suddenly at some point all collapsed.

And I have special chemical in those holes when promotes rapid bone growth, so encouraging it all to knit together permanently.

He has informed me that it’s definitely possible to break anything, so I’m definitely going to try not to.

The significant pain has lessened too, thankfully.


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  1. Russ, I am glad that you are OK and that you are still writing your blog. What else can I say except that I I read your blog every day and when I am feeling really down your honesty and courage keep me going and enable me to face another day. Love to you Margaret x x x

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