Standard weekend…

So … another hedonistic night surrounded by the skimpily clad in South London.

Gotta love a fetish wear party ! Lots of people having a very good time, no trouble, no pissed people ( well, we were a bit ) the iBot working thanks to Lester, a very late bus home at 5am and not long in sleep before my Hong Kong homeboy rocked up at midday, and Wendy helped me lovingly into my clothes and wheelchair.

Perkins was on usual sparkling form, and its Achille’s 18th! Since he’s learned all kinda DIY stuff this last week, I thought it fitting to buy him a real man’s coming of age present- no not a blow up woman, but a cordless hand drill! You can’t shag it, but it’ll never puncture and you’ll never have to rinse it either.

Of course I also got him other more sentimental stuff ( an iPhone charger and cable  ) and Wendy got him a cake and card… what a lucky ( ish ) boy.

He insisted on wearing tinsel on his head – is that a Belgian thing?

Tonight im overcoming the sleep deprivation once more and him and I are going to see a few bands in Twickenham.

Tomorrow I’ve booked us tickets to something else, so his birthday weekend will run over..

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