Current ‘ carer’ is Harriet. Thé other day she did a shift and was ever so cheerful. Now she isn’t at all, so I asked her what was wrong.

She said ‘ nothing ‘.

I asked why she wasn’t cheerful anymore. Eventually she said that her cheeriness has ‘ been nipped’. I asked her to explain.

She said that I’d ‘ asked her to do a million jobs at once’ I asked for an example. She said ‘ well I was cleaning the hot stone thing ( it’s a foot square of 1cm granite )  and you asked me to make you a cup of tea. I said ‘ and? ‘

She Saïd that that was too much for her.

I pointed out that the kettle was right next to where she was, and it was mostly just a case of switching it on, wasn’t it? She said she didn’t have clean hands. Well they would probably have been soapy to be honest, so it’s a quick dry and flick the kettle switch, isn’t it?

Well apparently it’s not that simple. She was upset apparently, and 3 days later she still is. What if I’d been an abusive old man with dementia, not really knowing what I was saying ? Would that have resulted in her not being nice to me anymore ? I just don’t know. At least I have the  wherewithal to speak and communicate.

Because I HAVENT got dementia and I asked for a cup of tea, and expected her to multitask, apparently I’m unreasonable? I guess that tars every single person who has ever said ‘ while you’re in the kitchen darling Would you make me a cuppa ?’  Carers evidently get away with being in sole charge of the demented and disabled, and obviously being in whatever mood they choose ? That’s just wrong. What happened to compassion, and in my case, as I’m paying, what happened to ‘ the customer is always right ‘ ?

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