An explanation.

I’ve realised what is stressful in my life. Things that I can do myself rarely stress me at all. It’s the things that I have to ask other people to do for me, whereupon they then waver or change the arrangement ( or sometimes decline to do things that are straightforward for them to do, but actually literally impossible for me to do ) that I don’t cope with.

It gets lost in translation that I CAN’T actually do it myself, so don’t have any other option than to ask for assistance. I think it can be misinterpreted as me being demanding/ needy / painful/ bothersome/ annoying/ unreasonable, because others can’t put themselves in my situation.

You don’t know how it feels for me to even have to ask/ plead/beg/Pay for others to do things that are simple beyond belief for them, but impossible for me. Yes, it is frustrating ( to be unable ).

You simply won’t ever get it unless you have the severe misfortune to end up physically like myself.

Its also why I have to have someone ( paid ) with me, so that doing things for me isn’t an imposition ( taking the ‘awkwardness ‘ out of requests ) That awkwardness removal takes a significant amount of  ( mental ) stress out of my life. It is the Carer s rôle to make the impossible possible, without having to negotiate with  the other person. Typically the negotiation can take hours, if not days, and all that time I feel the stress of uncertainty, which I just don’t like at all.

Of course what I could do is to just do nothing, to never do anything, to never try to have an eventful and varied life?  For me  that just isn’t enough though.

What I need is that robot exoskeleton that automatically puts itself onto me and turns me back to being self sufficient.

Anyone know where I can be cryogenically suspended until they bring it out?

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