Enough evidence for me, to be honest.

I posted the below to the SCI group of paralysed people I’m in –

So I read a fair bit about being wheat and dairy intolerant.
I have tried a lactose and gluten free diet for a month.
I must STRESS that pre injury I definitely appeared to have no issues with either food type ( though dairy did seem to make my hay fever worse )
Over the month i have had an elimination of the bloating I have had for 2 years and definitely less spasms.
My skin is also a lot smoother and I feel happier too?

2 days ago I had 2 ice creams (dairy ) and a beer ( wheat ).
2 hours later my stomach swelled up and my spasms were off the scale.

Folks, I think the evidence is pretty clear. Post injury we are far more susceptible to this crap.

Try it – you have to be disciplined but compared to losing the ability to move, who really gives a flying fuck about drinking milk products and beer …?


BIG shout out to Ken Curtis for his guidance.

5 thoughts on “Enough evidence for me, to be honest.

  1. Time to switch to cider! As a devoted beer drinker, Guinness was the hardest thing for me to give up when I ditched gluten. But hey – I’ve found some lagers that are gluten free. Cheers! 😀

  2. It’s often after being off a food item for a month or more that one’s body’s reaction is very marked when that food item is then eaten.

    You seem to be onto something that really helps to reduce your bloating and spasms. Excellent!

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