A memorable day indeed.

So it’s the Royal Wedding today, I’ve just found out! Brilliant stuff – just got it on the telly now.

I’m a bit confused to be honest though. All these people are talking about the Prince marrying a black lady? I’ve looked at a few pictures of Megan M and she definitely is not black?! She’s whiter than I am, with a Welsh name too!  Am I the only one to realise?

Surely if they want to celebrate the minority and diversity aspect, we should focus on the Ginger angle. I mean since when has a Ginga attracted so much popularity? Never mind the black equality thing, that’s had enough coverage surely? I say that it’s far more of a seminal moment that a ginger person has managed to pull such a cutie, and that his wedding is actually on the telly, watched by zillions of  normal non ginger people.

For decades gingers have been shunned for the disability, but today the world has made a massive step forward. I’m sure in some countries they’ve used clever CGI to alter the TV broadcast to give him black hair, but here in the civilised world, there has been no attempt to hide the reality. No hair dye, no head shave, no brown wig – just unashamed full frontal Ging exposure.

The cynic in me suspects that other forces are at play though. By forcing him to marry a black ( allegedly ) girl, it is a scurrilous plot to once and for all kill off the Hewitt ginger gene. We all know it’s impossible to give birth to black kids with ginger hair, eliminating the shame once and for all.

I’ve noticed that although there are at least 20% black people in the guest list, there are NO ginger people. Harry is the ONLY gingaminga in da house  today. I mean, Oprah is there, Idris Elba ( another black taff ) but where is Ed Sheeran?!

Perhaps the world has not moved on as much as it first appears then, and this could be the last hurrah for the Carrots.

I suppose it’s better than him being assassinated like his poor Mum anyway.

Right, off to make a carrot cake to have later, by way of celebration.


2 thoughts on “A memorable day indeed.

  1. Wow, you’re cooking! But seriously, redheads appear regularly among peoples all over the world, including black people – it’s a gene mutation.

    Red hair came to Europe from the Iranic-speaking steppe tribes whoinhabited the areas north of and around the Black Sea from 4,000 years agoto the 6th century, when they were replaced by the Slavs whose predominanthair color is shades of brown and dark blonde.

    The answer is the ginger gene shows up in people of many ethnicities. It’s agene. Neanderthals had it, early Homo Sapiens, and it’s found all over theworld, but mostly in the depigmented zone that had the severest Ice Age.

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