It is actually quite funny seeing how people are reacting to not being to do this and that during the pandemic.

Eight years ago, overnight 99 % of the things I used to do became impossible to me, for ever.

People did (very helpfully ?) tell me that I just had to focus on the things I COULD do and not the things I couldn’t.

Well now when I watch how some of those same people are doing, when deprived of the odd little thing, it’s interesting to see them manage it so badly!

Lots of people are abjectly failing, with all sorts of mental health crises and breakdowns.

Lordy, you really haven’t experienced one percent of my world…


One thought on “🤷

  1. You’re bang on, Russ! We should focus on what we CAN do, which is a hell of a lot more than when we were completely locked down and couldn’t travel more than 5 miles. People bang on about their personal liberty, but what about the liberty of the people who are vulnerable? All this guff about ‘my rights’ is downright selfish a lot of the time.

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