Last week I discovered ( actually my neighbour had told me to go there ) that I live near a very large park, called Osterley Park. I can’t believe I’ve driven/ cycled past this park for the best part of 25 years and not realised it was there. It’s just in a part of London/ Mddx that I’d assumed wouldn’t have such a place ( God knows why I’d think that ) There’s a stately home and massive grounds, 2 lakes and it’s all flat too so handy for me.
It’s become my go to place, where I’ve gone to read a book written by my buddy Toby Strauss, an historical novel about the extraordinary engineer, Isembard Kingdom Brunel, who changed Britain and the world in the 1800’s.
The book is called Iron Will … and it’s not ‘ all engineer’y ‘ at all. It’s very very readable, so I completely objectively recommend you buy it for people for Christmas!

( and you should go to Osterley Park )

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