A great day for the Welsh yesterday. We can’t not win the Six Nations now.. who’d have thought?!

I’m awake ( from about 4am ). My spasms wake me very often these days so I don’t sleep well that often.
I actually looked back at my own blog too, and realised just how much I used to write, and how much I had to say.
Is this a lockdown thing that now I just don’t want to write, or is it because my life isn’t that eventful any more? Looking back, it’s obvious that regular calamities were my life, and I seriously don’t know how I managed to NOT kill myself, just to escape the constant torture.
I think that if it weren’t for the exercise I’m doing now that I’d be in a bad place, mentally, for sure, but I’m fairly ok. The non stop shite weather is something I’m sick of tbh, and a proper Spring start will Im sure help all of us.
Some variety in my life would be ever so welcome. I do hope to go to the States to get a new ibot… but obviously that’s on hold til we can travel, and I want to visit my own flat in Portugal too. Traveling now is something I can’t do independently, so I need a companion that is also willing and able to help me with washing and dressing and transfers into and out of bed. And there aren’t many people who’d want to do that ( understandably ). That factor also places an odd dynamic on a trip – im totally at the mercy of my companion’s degree of engagement into my absolute needs. If they aren’t into it much, I’m stuffed.
I see a future ahead where my travel is going to have to be with paid help quite often. My cataclysmic spine surgery certainly did alter my future 20/30 years In a way I hadn’t even imagined.

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