You’re in London now.

Somebody (who shall stay unnamed) went for a lady thing involving wax whilst at mine on the weekend. It made me laugh so I’ll spill. She arrived on time to be asked to go into the room and undress. She asked for the paper knickers that are normally given in Oxford.
She was told – no, we don’t have those here; just lie on the treatment bed and separate your knees.
Being shy, she found that embarrassing but did it, and the lady did her wax stuff.
Then the lady said ‘ ok, now turn over ‘
Unnamed said – why ?

So I can do the other side- said the lady.

In Oxford I just sort of lift up one leg at a time… said Unnamed.

Ok but I’d like you to turn over and lie on your front please. Thank you.
Ok now reach behind and pull your bum cheeks apart so I can do the wax properly.

Mortified of Oxford did as she was told….

Blimey, the power of authority these beauticians have !

Anyway it got me thinking about getting a Saturday job there, maybe.
There’s lots I can’t do, but I do have warm hands – gotta be useful as bum cheek puller aparters, right?
.. and I identify as a woman on Saturdays.
I’ll let you know how my interview goes …

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