From the beautiful Pia;

Morning Russ-Boy,
I have just read your blog but decided I can’t write the following knowing that you have by now no doubt had over 50,000 hits?!
There was an evening in Toulon (I think it was the Wednesday evening after your accident), there were quite a few of your family & friends there: Dani, Alwyn, Stuart, Jenni, Dan, Lisa and Karena (your Mum and Dad were also there but at their hotel miles away!) and by all accounts the news looked a lot more promising than it had that first weekend. The evening ended up being a late one with non-stop Russel stories being told. It was quite unbelievable how many totally unique and bloody hilarious stories that were being told. It was very surreal knowing that you were up the road fighting for your life and obviously highly emotional for Dani. The one thing that struck us all though was the amount of friends, family and love that people have for you. So remember that when you are reflecting on the person you are! – you are very special and unique Russ-Boy.
See you this afternoon.
Love you lots xxx

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