You win some and you lose some.

In this journey, over the last 3 and a half years, I’ve had the most amazing support at different times from so many different people.

What’s been a constant is the ‘non staying  power’ of most.  I have no negative feelings towards anyone at all, and thank everyone that’s ever said anything positive to me.

There’s one person that has stood way higher than all others though, and that’s my friend Pia.

I’d like to thank her for all her support and love throughout the very bad times and the relatively few good times!

Pia, you are finally off the hook, as I’m now able to be positive, even without you, a situation that I  really never thought that I’d get to.

Pia has been my Mother Theresa figure for 3 years. She’ll soon find another person in need, I have no doubt.



Other than that I’ve spent the last 24 hours either actually shitting myself, or expecting to.

It would seem that the District Nurse team, for all their smiles and genuine goodwill, have little actual expertise in things bowel related, and prefer as brief an encounter as possible. As usual, I’m saying it like it is. They come and they go ( asap)  but it’s myself that ends up with mud on my face ( that’s a euphemism )

I have made my exasperation known to them.

4 thoughts on “You win some and you lose some.

  1. Mother Theresa?! Bloody hell Russ-boy….lovely words, but crazy stuff…after reading that I feel like Emma Thompson in Nanny Mcphee?!

    Oh, and on the Mother Theresa note – I feel this is a good time to admit to a white-lie I once told you not so long ago….
    I had gone out with Dani and Saz to discuss the possibility of doing a trek for my 50th. You asked me how the evening had gone and what we had decided to do, and if we were going to commit to doing it for a charity – and in which case which one?
    I answered that we had decided on South America, and would most probably do it for charity (the first white-lie, as we hadn’t discussed a charity, let alone the trek as had – had too many vinos and had prompty forgotten the point of the get-together!).
    Anyway, in typical Russ manner – you then suggested that instead of doing it for a charity – why didn’t we go out a few weeks before hand and do some good ie work for a charity out there.
    To which I responded that I felt I didn’t have to do that, as I had already done that.
    And you, obviously not being able to leave it at that , asked me where?
    To which I replied that I had done some work at various orphanages whilst flying for BA – inlcuding Mother Theresa’s orphanage in Calcutta .
    And finally…there appeared to be some let up from you, and you seemed happy with that answer – and stopped asking me any further questions….
    Only, then I started feeling massively guilty, as visiting an orphanage once, for a few hours did not quite qualify as working there for a season?!
    So, there you have it- I am a total fraud!!!!

    Oh, and unless you’ve forgotten, I’ll see you at the Chiswick Christmas party this weekend and the Fratellis next week!

    Love you lots silly-billy xxx

  2. Loved your tribute to James .. he had his 40th the night of Hogarth74a first 24 rowathon may 2000!!! You and my hubby both being the big rowers on each team …a huge night for all . . The Hogarth had people who completely respected the hideous road James was given .. I remember hm and I talking about the hand he was dealt with his health over the years … never to have children .. cudnt travel abroad .. cudnt take part in active sport …. so he found other ways .. his love of Alfa Romeo.. line dancing .. photography … he was 2 years older than me and he was handed a shit hand !!!! But he always managed to rise above … I can completely understand why he said what he said to you …people who rise in adversity are the ones we need to try to resemble and mirror .. not the other wankers .. oops !!!! A sad day indeed …. hope your spasms behaving themselves Russ c x
    Ps Pia .. yes you said it amother Theresa .. what is she like .. I found out couldn’t have children ..the saddest day for me and the rocky hideous road I had to climb.. and she was so so lovely to me in my dark days !!!! And there were many .. and yes I didn’t carry my own children ..but was lucky to find a way .. never have met anyone to this day who has her caring warm tenacious way .. love in abundance !!

    1. Since when did a talkative Irish bird acquire such wisdom?
      Thank you for that lovely response ( from all 3 of us – I’ll have to speak for James on this occasion )

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