You have a choice in how things turn out.

Just now I was going along a main road at about 25 mph in my Triride. As is quite common the car behind seemed reluctant to overtake me. I think people feel a bit nervous about what might happen? I could also hear the sounding of a horn that I assumed was the car behind that car giving the slowed driver a hard time.

They both then overtook me, and yes the car behind the car behind was driving pretty close to the one in front of it. The first car was being driven by an old lady.
As they both disappeared into the distance the aggressive driver seemed to back off and stop harassing the old lady though. Nevertheless I felt a bit aggrieved that it had happened at all, and decided that if I caught up at the next red light I’d have a word, and say something about aggressive driving.
Indeed there was a red light that soon appeared and the angry driver had stopped. As I approached I saw that car had one brake light not working. That was enough to change my thinking…. and when I tapped on the driver’s side window and the fella rolled it down…. I said ‘ Hi. You’ve got a faulty brake light ‘.
The ( black ) young fella said ‘ oh have I ? Thank you! Which one is it ?’
I said ‘ the left one ‘.

He gave me a massive smile and said ‘ Really appreciate it. Have a great day!’

And it all could have gone so differently, couldn’t it…..?

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