There were 21 teams in the school parents charity quiz.

We were only 8, not 10 like all the others.

I was actually quite good, compared to most of the 8, but clueless at things like ballet and opera ( since I just can’t do that stuff – too much of a Philistine )

As it’s a school full of bright kids, it follows that there must be a lot of smart parents.  Unfortunately, none of them were in our team.

We bought the most wine for charity, and  came a magnificent 21st out of 21.

Every cloud has a silver lining, however,  and the wooden spoon that I received has proven very useful for stirring the fairly unpalatable concoctions that I have to drink every night to make my compromised internal organs work ..

The team offered to come back with me and help me into bed etc, which was so kind, and actually would have been good, as I ended up stuck outside the flat, unable to open a blimmin door, with 3 mobile phones and the landline all unanswered.

Anyway, eventually I was assisted… although I confess to have been a bit f***** off by then.

Not being able to reach a door handle, that’s just an inch too far away, whatever you try, is a bit upsetting sometimes. And when 3 people are within 10 metres  and ignore 4 phones,  it doesn’t help.  I think everyone would understand that?

Anyway,  I don’t dwell on these things.

But coming last in the quiz? Bad. But we didn’t use Google  to find answers to pretty obscure quiz questions, which people do of course do now.  I know, because I’ve done it myself…… as in cheated.

I’m also ok with/at bending the rules at cards too. The kids never notice, which adds to the sense of achievement.

I don’t however cheat at other board games.

I had a lovely time when I went on my wheel down to the Thames yesterday. I don’t look at the river with sadness any more, missing my time spent on it; I just appreciate it for what it is, instead. It was cold yesterday, it was a very clear blue sky, and brilliant sunshine. At low water the river looks at its tamest, and best, and with the sun shining off the water, it’s beautiful.  I loved being there.

I started writing my book, too.

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