It’s snowing again. There’ll be a foot by morning – cancelled hospital rehab, no taxis running, most businesses closed for trade.

Alwyn made it here again, by 8 pm, from a few hundred miles away.
He ‘joked’ that it was quicker for him to travel from here to Toulon in France 19 months ago when I crashed, than it took to get here today from Conneticutt. No joking matter ( and no humour intended ) , but irony taken.

So a brothers’ night in – thank God ( being generally careful not to blaspheme here in the Bible Belt ) we had some food and wine in my fridge ( thanks Cindy ) as every bar and restaurant in town shut as soon as the flakes started to settle.

It’s far better (for me ) that he’s here for 2 days; otherwise a spell of more solitary might ensue.

My legs continue to do their own thing, stimulated daily as they are… They look bigger/ stronger, though definitely not connected to my conscious control when they decide to move around.

The snow had just about melted too, allowing me to take control of my whereabouts a little. Now I fear it’s back to illegal film downloads on my iPad again.
I watched The Birdman last night….how on earth did it get Oscars…the Lovies voting for a film about the mental torture of being a fading actor I think?

I can tell you, there are worse ways to end up.

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