A night without spasms ?
A deep sleep?

What happened there?

I’d spasmed like I was being electrocuted for the 45 minutes i was in the MRI tube yesterday – which would have rendered the scan a waste of time – they need you to keep perfectly still…
And then spasmed a lot pre getting into bed.

Then.. Nothing?

I try to backtrack and work stuff out.
Was it the 2 pints of lager shandy?
Was it the psychological effect of listening to a lecture on the ( deadly ) effects of the ‘ primary shock wave ‘ that kills people ( instantly or after a while ) that hits you just before the flying debris does in a bomb blast?

I really don’t know, and I don’t anticipate a second peaceful night.

But one was good.

1 thought on “Wtf?!

  1. I know the feeling so well on the spasm issue during mri. They had to abandon doing mine for fear of me damaging the machine. They can give a general anaesthetic if needed as this is what they have to do for Parkinson’s sufferers and children.

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