In terms of ‘ therapy’ for those with life altering conditions, I think I’ve just experienced an effective one.

My old mate, Dominic, organised for his few mates and I to have a quick Italian dinner, followed by a short wheel to the Waterloo iMax cinema.

Talk about an amazing audio-visual and temporary ┬ámind altering experience… with the 3D glasses and the huge curved screen, with a truly mind blowing sound system and a suitably futuristic film, reality is truly suspended.

Dom’s choice of film, Dr Strange, was perfect for the iMax – ok it’s a Marvel Comics production, but it has got Benedict Cucumber as the star, and he’s a proper actor.

I’m going to find it hard to watch a film anywhere else now?

UberWav there was easy, Black Cab back more than twice the cost and really not safe, plus banged my head on entry and exit….

Not that it impacted on the great night that I had.

I only focus on the positives, after all.



PS all parents arrive in 40 minutes for the party.

My voice has deserted me again, so hope I cope in a noisy room.

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