White Cliffs of Dover

From Mummy Dawkins

Huge improvement this am . Russ, although very quiet, is totally with it. We have arranged for Russ to speak to Lily on her birthday tomorrow. Although he cannot speak because of the tracheotomy, he can listen to her voice which, I quote, ‘will be lovely’. We bought him an ice cream which he enjoyed although we had to finish it for him. He knows that Dani is returning on sat but it is almost impossible for him to appreciate time. All we can do is constantly reassure him that today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday, Lily’s birthday and the next day he will see his darling wife, Dani.
Poor Russ, he is living in a void where night and day have merged and where, every so often, loving family and friends appear from nowhere to support him.
We have just heard from Dani that as long as Russell’s lungs continue to improve he will be able to return to the UK towards the end of next week which is wonderful news.
 Bob and I have just enjoyed a lunch with Sarah and Larry sitting outside under a leafy French tree. Just what the doctor ordered,I think. More news later .


Russ was very sleepy this pm…almost too tired to speak or to write on his white board. Quite obviously, he is affected by his pneumonia . He has had a blood transfusion which should help him. He is looking forward to hearing birthday Lily,s voice on the phone tomorrow.
 We were asked to leave him an hour earlier so that he could be sedated to help him sleep well tonight.
Lol. Dianne
(The iPad up and coming genius and her advisor in everything but iPads – young Robert who thinks that an iPad is something worn by a pirate xxxxx)

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