Which way..

Best front man in Britain? Lead singer of The Pigeon Detectives! So funny, knows how to entertain a crowd and get them eating from his hands…

Brilliant gig in Kentish Town. Pia loved it, as I promised she would. Thanks to Stella for getting me there! The way Back was more interesting…… Pia insisted that I follow her car ( me on the Triride ). As I sort of knew the way already, and we  started going a completely different way, and a COMPLETELY different way to the shortest route that my own MAPS was shouting at me to go ( set to walk/ wheelchair route ) it all became a bit confusing, and we definitely went round in circles for a while, in north London, and the 7 miles that it should have been ended up being 12 Miles (?!) Anyway,  all fine until Pia’s blind following of Sat Nav’ery ( and my misplaced (?) faith in her, took us up onto The Westway ( like an elevated motorway) definitely illegal for bicycles, let alone Wheelchairs. After a couple of minutes I could see Pia was having a fit of the giggles, which set me off too.

Would a copper have looked upon us more favourably had he seen us laughing our way through our crime? I don’t know.

It actually would have been faster on the bus, which stops about 50 times, but hey- it was as Funny as F***, as they say in Wales.

4 thoughts on “Which way..

      1. Hang on a minute! …your recollection differs slightly to my recollection…

        Firstly, I drive a mini one, which is not much bigger than your souped up spangley triride cooper SS. AND, I usually drive alongside you, and not in front of you (in the hope of shielding you from crazy motorists?! – and not intentionally becoming one!).

        Secondly, my insistence on driving home with you, was in order to let the lovely Stella go home, and save her from potentially spending 5 hours of travelling back and forth (as per your ingenious plan!).

        In your defence, I do remember you looking at me through my passenger widow, as we stopped at the traffic lights, with quite an anxious look on your face, and saying –
        ‘ P, my google maps is going totally f@@@ing crazy, it keeps telling me to go in the COMPLETE opposite direction?’ – with me shrugging and giving you a –
        ‘ who listens to google maps anyway?!’ typa look….
        only then to literally turn a corner onto the approach of the elevated section of the A40! 😱


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