What’s next?

I’m in that world of conflicting drug effects again – the one that knocked me out, and the one they used to wake me up from anaesthesia.

I’m very tired, but I can’t sleep..
I have had 2 hours, and it’s 4.44 am

My middle is in a lot of pain, seemingly over a far larger area than I have sensation.

So I put the TV on, for about the tenth time in 6 weeks. Nighttime TV is far better than daytime, or at least far more intellectual – maybe there’s a reason for that?!

They are looking to discharge me on around the 18th of October.
Exactly where I’ll go then and what ‘support’ I’ll have, is currently unclear.

All and any offers for assistance will be gratefully received.

My most sincere thanks to Cherie for being there during my very slow wake up from anaesthesia. For someone to hold my hand for 2 hours shows very dedicated friendship, and I count her as one of my closest friends. Pre injury, we’d met only the once.

My youngest, Amber, arrived, as usual without giving me any indication of her time of arrival, and took over the hand holding duty, albeit slightly reluctantly, it being ‘ not very cool’at 12 years old.

Dan White came an hour or so later, and it was good to see him, and give him some advice about buying a kayak or two. I’ve often wondered how a bloke can live on a houseboat on the Thames, for 20 yesrs and have no real interest in paddling a canoe in it, until now.

Pia called me, tho I fear my voice was packing up by then, and I was mumbling a lot.

I had a lot of messages expressing relief that I was still alive, which was very touching, as once again I myself surprised myself by waking up.

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