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Linda, Mark, Mike and i went to a lecture about WW2 escapes from POW camps.

There were 36,000 successful escapes by allied troops… escaping was A DUTY for ‘ our boys ‘, so they blimmin did. Escaping was a whole industry, and completely ingenious ways of smuggling in maps etc to the prisoners were invented.

Guess how many successful escapes there wer by German soldiers ( back to Germany )….?


One only got away, from captivity in Canada. I wonder why that was? Presumably they weren’t imbued with the duty to try? Or Maybe they were just not very good at it. Ever so good at killing people, but not so clever at laterally thinking about escapology?

Fascinating 75 Minutes…

Im getting more convinced that my fixation isn’t happy. I’m getting pain that I didn’t used to get. The surgeon said that I should do nothing differently, and NOT do less. Historically his advice hasn’t always been necessarily good for me ( in my opinion ) so I have been more careful, in so much as I can be.

On Friday I have a CT scan, to tell all. I’m expecting it to lead to more surgery to replace the broken screw, but we’ll see. I have a date that evening, so I’m going to be cheerful come what may, I’ve resolved.

Lets just wait n see.

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    1. Indeed, but :
      Following the German escape, the local police, home guard, army and air force were all mobilised. While one group of prisoners stole a car and got as far as Birmingham, none managed to successfully make their way back to Germany.

      36000 of our boys got back home!

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