What a lovely message.

Dearest Russ

Since your accident I have been touched and moved by your blog. It is funny, insightful and so breathtakingly honest.
We have known each other since our girls were at nursery school together, although I have never been part of your wonderful, loving group of close friends
I have always admired your energy, spirit and infectious humour. I remember some years back you managed to get an entire group of middle aged, unfit Dads back into doing regular exercise by the sheer force of
your personality. You have come on an amazing journey since your accident and I am not going to offer any patronising advice on how to cope etc but I do know you are inspiring
so many people to look at things differently – Russ you are an incredible human and the love you have from your family is amazing. You can just feel that love coming through your blog. Please stay strong –
thinking of you


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