What a day..:(

I met up with my old DW canoe partner, Piran, yesterday. We did a fair bit of time in a boat together, often smelling badly of urine.

I went down to the Thames with him on the IBot. I’d explained how they just don’t fall over, too many gyroscopes and in built safety features…

We had something to eat and talked about all kinds of stuff, and then headed back. I went off a kerb in 4 wheel drive mode. I heard the wheels spin and then I was falling backwards very fast. The iBot crashed to the ground, very hard.

If it had fallen forwards, rather than Backwards my head would have been smashed into the tarmac, probably breaking my arms/ ribs at the same time, as well as smashing the ibot control panel too.

A van driver ran towards us, and he and Piran got the thing upright again, though my legs were a bit tangled up in it, and eventually it sort of came to life and would drive very slowly in Low Down Standard Mode, but not do anything else.

There was a flashing ‘wrench icon’ on the screen which means you need an engineer. As there aren’t any engineers for it, I immediately thought that my stupid kerb manoeuvre had f’d up my amazing machine for good.

We made it back and I called my buddy, Keith. He asked me to try various things, pushing different buttons – but to no avail, the alarm kept going off and it wouldn’t work.

I remembered that I’d seen an advert on eBay – for $10 you could sign up to a guy that said he could fix ibots. I thought it was probably dodgy, but got in touch with him.

About an hour later, he replied, tho in moderately poor English, and I couldn’t understand what he was asking me to do. You can’t get someone’s phone number on eBay, so i thought we’d get nowhere. I sent my phone number to him, and to my amazement he texted me from Texas, asking me to call. I was half expecting a scam and to lose money, but hey I called him.

Alejandro andro was a bloody lovely guy, and he set about guiding me through a series of about 50 button presses on the control panel, putting in loads of numeric codes.

Incredibly it worked…. and Piran got on it and tested it fully. It didn’t fall over… or anything!

I can’t tell you how relieved I was. To have lost my regained ability to be at head height, after 4 years of being low down, was an incredibly sad thought for me, and I felt myself sliding downhill fast, inside.

I realise how precarious my ‘ contentment ‘ is, and how fragile I am really. I’ve had an upsetting week, with more to come on Friday. I can very easily see myself back in The Darkness, if bad luck  strikes, to be frank.

I still went to the RGS, to a lecture about the tracking of animals- bloody fascinating – and went to with Marky and Mikey afterwards. Mike kept falling asleep at the table, bless him  Must have been all my near death tales…

Today I go to help in a school, and then go to see a band –  Queens of the Stone Age  – at the O2 with Clare. I’m going on the iBot.

Wish me luck…

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