Welsh Dragon 5th July

Some really good news that came in late last night:

Dear all
It's very late but here we go! What a great afternoon we have had. Russ has been very, very alert. Emma and Debbie spent some time with him and he was trying to say something and eventually he flapped his arms and they realised he was asking when they were flying home. He has been focusing on everyone and obviously been intently listening to conversations with nurses etc. He has been squeezing hands very hard, winking at Debbie when she spoke French. He is also, quite obviously, going to be a complete nightmare for the nursing staff as he is busy removing the clip on his thumb and the pads on his chest and looking bloody cheeky about it too!
In all he is being a complete monkey today!!
Tonight, his brother Stuart arrived and his wife Mandy. Also his Auntie Wendy came. They all arrived quite late so he is in for a real invasion tomorrow. He may be sleepy in the morning as he is apt to be. But who knows! Today has been quite fabulous.
Well done Russ darling, you are a star!
Dearest love as always
Jenni xxxx

The Welsh contingency is now in Toulon roaring Russell on.  Aunty Wendy, Stuart and Mandy, together with Bob and Di have been keeping Russ company today.

Dear All
It has been a busy day with Russ very alert this afternoon. He was sleepy this morning and tired which perhaps we expected as he had such an eventful day yesterday. This afternoon he had the TV on and seemed to watch a little tennis. Bob and Stuart told him the team for the lions tomorrow and he seemed very interested. So another positive day.
More news tomorrow.
Dear Love to you al
Jenni x

3 thoughts on “Welsh Dragon 5th July

  1. Rousselll……you’re back…yeah!!! I knew it wouldn’t be long before you got back to your self and your antic driven personality came to the fore. We are all rooting for you and following this blog avidly..It is such great news that you are recovering and strengthening daily altho, as Jenni says; perhaps not such great news for the nursing staff…try and be nice!
    We love you, Nix, j, Elliot, Flick and Henry…big love to Dani, Lily and Amber Bamber x

  2. The guy is still a legend as is the gorgeous Dani. Hope he enjoys the Wales (aka Lions) v Australia game. Reading these blogs is compulsive;it’s great to enlighten each day reading about the return of a real hero. His in my and I’m sure all our thoughts many times every day,as we al will him on.

    Feeling proud to know such inspiring people

    Warren, Lorraine (the lady under the patio as Dani and Russ call her) and the kids

  3. Russell you are amazing! I am checking your progress daily on this blog. Thank god for smellcheck. Its hard, as you can appreciate because of my dyslapsia and it takes me ages, but I feel so happy to hear that you are making such big improvements and especially if some of the famous cheekiness is coming back.
    Mac and I are going to Greece for a week with our kids, but we hope to have internet access, and so will try and stay in touch and hear all about you. We will be thinking of you all the time, wishing you well, and hope to see you very very soon. Lots of love Laura xx

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